• Image of Grawlix Prints

Inkjet prints on archival papers

57 different grawlixes to choose from

Dimensions vary (generally A2 or 20" x 20")

Prints are unframed

Signed on reverse


1. Go to Blurb and preview the Grawlixes book ===>

2. Flick thru and choose a grawlix.

3. Come back here and "add to cart."

4. "Add note to seller" specifying which grawlix you want at checkout.

Joe Hale, Feb 2014


Brion Gysin once stated that he'd 'found the way to rub out words' by replacing the letter keys on his typewriter with random symbols (@,#, ?, !, etc.) Hale has reclaimed this statement and hardwired it to the 'grawlix' - a humorous term for the speech-bubbled symbols that represent profanity in comic books - to spark this delightful anti-poetic series into life and reveal a riotous symbol system.